Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Weekend Gallery

MrMartha has a serious fondness for Art Glass, and the work of James Nowak is some of the best contemporary glass being created today.
Enjoy a look at this incredible work, Read More for additional details about the work, detail photos of the amazing elements Nowak handcrafts to incorporate in his large works, and general information about the artist.

James Nowak is a Seattle based Glass Artist, who has developed an inimitable style based on an exceptional aesthetic sense, and masterful technical ability.

Aquarium Tidepool, 2008. Approx 28" Diameter
He is often inspired by the sea, and by sea forms. His public works can be seen at Childrens Hospital in Seattle, at the Bellagio and Wynn hotels in Las Vegas, many Hotel and Condo Lobby Installations, and many respected Galleries.

His experimental work can often be found on eBay from seller northwestARTglass, or email them at

Nowak's website is very interesting as well, and is at