Thursday, May 7, 2009

Take TEN Minutes and....

Buff Up Your Flatware

Stainless Steel Flatware is one of the most wonderful innovations of the last century. It is attractive, nearly carefree, strong and durable. While it will never rust, the word "stainless" can actually be a bit of a will still waterspot if given the chance, and it can accumulate reside and some discoloration over time, along with scratches and minor dings.

MrMartha may seem a bit fiddly and fussy (heaven forbid) in suggesting this, but the subtle changes of a little bit of attention, can actually make a fairly dramatic difference to your table setting. If your flatware is a few years old, or you live in a hard water area, it will be well worth your effort. MrMartha has been using the same beloved set of Mikasa "Skandia" everyday flatware for over 25 years, and it benefits greatly from a little extra attention every now and then.

Use a Grade 0 or 00 (finer) Steel Wool -- depending on what you are trying to remove and how mirror bright your stainless is. Work with the grain of the metal, going long ways along each piece, paying particular attention to knife blades, spoon bowls, and handles. Start with a light touch, and increase the pressure EVENLY as required. The blemishes, small scratches, and any areas of build-up will disappear quickly.

So, take Ten minutes, and do something that may not seem absolutely necessary, but makes quite a noticeable difference after it is done!