Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rose of The Week

Fountain Square

Fountain Square is an amazing white rose, with robust growth, large glossy leaves, and incredible oversize Gardenia shaped blossoms.

The plants blooms occur as both single blossoms on one stem, and candelabras of several blooms together. The blooms are only lightly fragrant (as with most white roses), but the awesome blooms more than make up for that small shortcoming.

While the blooms are hardy and last well on the bush, they do not hold well when cut, so enjoy them on the plant rather than in a vase.

A sport of the famous rose "Pristine", the variety was discovered by Muriel Humenick in 1984 and introduced commercially by Jackson and Perkins. The name comes from Fountain Square at the historic Merrick Rose Garden in Evanston, Ill.

The plant is considered very vigorous, and stays a manageable medium size overall. In MrMartha's experience the canes of the plant can get very thick, and the thorns of this variety are quite formidable..

Links to nurseries selling this gorgeous rose can be found HERE.