Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rose of The Week


What a glorious bloom! Chicago Peace has a very double form with lots of petals, and a truly ethereal coloring. The Hybrid Tea rose is classified as a pink blend, with a coppery yellow reverse on the underside of the petals. The blooms start initially with a deep intense pink, which softens as the bloom opens and ages, allowing the yellow tones to become more prominent.

This rose is a naturally occurring sport of the famous Peace rose, which means it was a spontaneous mutation that grew from an existing Peace plant.

The rose has been around since 1962, but is still readily available from nurseries and mail order sources. The plant has very dark green, heavy leathery foliage, and is quite robust, though can be troubled by Blackspot, so careful attention to prevent or control that is provident.

The blooms are born on single stems and it is a quick repeat bloomer. The cut flowers last reasonably well in a vase, and the plant itself is quite magnificent when it is covered with several blooms at different stages of maturity. Not much fragrance to speak of, but an exceptional rose in every other way.