Friday, May 1, 2009

Quick Garden Fix...Sedums in Pots

We all need those small but important potted plants to tuck into voids in the landscape, or fill out a grouping on the deck, or top off a small table.....
what is needed is something dependable, beautiful, and a conversation starter.
Think Sedums......whether they are selected from the broad class of Succulents, the specific rosette forming family of Echeveria, or the generic Hens and Chicks, you cant go wrong.

Small pots at nurseries and grocery stores range $2 -6 depending on size and variety. Look for strong plants with lots of small offshoots.
Less than $20 and a couple months of patience will bring you a glorious decorative assortment.

Divide the nursery plants and repot into a sandy soil mix. Leave room for the starts to grow and expand. Put them in a shady spot and then gradually into full sun over a few weeks. Keep moist but not wet, and a bit drier is better than too wet.
Watch them multiply, keep dividing and repotting to increase your collection, and enjoy.