Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Million Dollar Bathroom

Well, maybe not a million -- but a couple gallons of paint and a weekend of your time, and it will feel like it is.

Any bathroom benefits from a new coat of paint, especially if it's been more than a few years since the space last had some attention. It will be fresher, seem newer, and put you in a better mood when you start the day.

If it's a powder room or guest bath, have some fun with it....think of it the way you would a fashion accessory, like a slightly outrageous can be more dramatic, because you aren't in there all the time. If it is your main bath, you may want to take a more restful or spa-like approach, but still make sure to add a strong dose of personal style. So, just do know you want to!

Go get a bunch of paint chips, even in hues that you might not immediately consider. Spend some time thinking about the color and considering the options, and also think about accessories...updating pictures and replacing towels. Do you want a new theme in there or just a fresher look? If you are unsure about making a dramatic change, most paint stores will now mix small containers of their colors so you can paint a large test square -- but remember the existing color will influence any new color you test, so take that into account.

Spend one day doing prep work: a thorough cleaning, repair any grout damage, reseal the sink, prep the walls by filling holes and doing any sanding. Keep an eye out for any old paint drips, they can suddenly be very visible with new paint. Carefully mask off tile and fixtures. If there are several old coats of paint, or you are making a dramatic color change, you may want to put a coat of primer on the walls and ceiling.

The second day, roll on that glorious new color. Take care painting details and small areas with a good quality brush, and enjoy the transformation. Then, live with it a few days before adding accessories or purchasing new towels.

In our example, a bathroom with great bones, but a tired, dated, 'Southwest themed' yellow paint was ready to be refreshed....a new icy robin's egg teal color works to make the wonderful tile pop and modernize the whole space.

A collection of Chinese Export porcelain in the Canton Rose pattern, picks up and accents the main and trim tile colors, as well as the new wall color. The porcelain pieces used as wall decorations create a wonderful mood, and give a subtle theme that doesn't hit you over the head. One final note, all the porcelain was purchased as lots on eBay with a budget limit of $5.00 per piece!
For a comparatively small investment in work and time, you'll realize a huge difference -- in a space that you can be a bit indulgent with!