Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

MrMartha wishes all the Moms and Grandmas who read this blog a wonderful Mothers Day,
MrMartha hopes you have been reminded how much you are loved and appreciated by those closest to you!

MrMartha especially wants to thank his own Mother and Grandmothers, for instilling such a strong sense of the importance of home, family, friends, sharing -- and imparting the knowledge that living a quality life does not automatically mean extravagance.

Frugality is never a bad thing, especially in these times. To live with flair and attention to detail. To have a true love for all that life has to offer. To share that carefully cultivated knowledge with friends, in a manner that is welcoming, inclusive, and with personal style, is a way of living well worth striving for.

MrMartha is grateful and indebted for the wisdom and practicality shared by his Mom and Gramma, and thanks them for providing such great markers on the path to a wonderful life.