Thursday, June 25, 2009

One of MrMartha's New Kitchen's

It's certainly a case of Back To The Future for MrMartha.

Here are a few BEFORE photos of one of the two kitchens in MrMartha's new MidCentury digs....
Basically good bones, appliances run a bit of the gamut, some have been updated fairly recently, some not so recently. The 'Space Age' (circa 1967) push button cooktop is going to require a rather interesting learning curve, no question there....but MrMartha reserves judgment for the time being.

Funny thing, the wall oven is exactly the same one in MrMartha's Mother's that is certainly familiar.

There is also an in-counter Nutone Kitchen system from the 50's which is presently not working....if any readers have any information about repairing or replacing this bit of formerly futuristic time capsule, MrMartha would love to hear about it.

Like any new kitchen, there will be adjustments, and readjustments....especially after cooking in the same kitchen for sixteen years and knowing the way around it blindfolded! But, hey, life is about change -- right? and it's not just a kitchen, it's an adventure.

MrMartha is anxious to get some new paint on the walls, cupboards, and trim; to change the cabinet pulls, and a few other minor things that will give the space a fresh and totally new look!

The next week is going to continue to be crazy with the relocation, but MrMartha will keep updating progress on the blog as time allows.