Thursday, July 9, 2009

MrMartha Welcomes you to MidCentury Manor

Greetings after a bit of a hiatus during the move....
MrMartha has not actually fallen off the face of the earth, it has just felt like it.

Rocky the dog is getting used to his new home -- he is probably adapting a bit better than MrMartha at this point -- but things will continue to come together.....and none too soon, as this is starting to feel like an unsettling dream that one cannot quite awaken from.

The furniture and box moving portion of this adventure is complete, and MrMartha is surrounded by stacks of belongings yet to be unpacked, and furniture pushed helter skelter into the center of the rooms. But, this too shall pass!

A fresh coat of paint in the main rooms will be happening over the weekend and next week, and then the actual settling in can start.

The bones of the new house are great, the vintage details, and even the quirky aspects being discovered, are all going to make this a fantastic place to live -- MrMartha will be sharing the process and transformation with you as it unfolds.

MrMartha also brought many plants and starts from the old garden, and those will get transplanted into the landscape here this weekend as well.

It will probably be a couple weeks before MrMartha's kitchen's are back up and functioning...but lots of great posts with recipes, food, and entertaining ideas will return to the blog soon....
MrMartha thanks you for your patience!