Thursday, July 23, 2009

Take a Break For The Worlds Best Apple PIE !

MrMartha has been painting like crazy the past few days....a further update on that will follow soon.

MrMartha has been influenced a lot by his incredible Grandmother. She just turned 90 years old on July 1, still lives on her own, and is pretty remarkable in a lot of ways.

Everyone who knows her also knows that she bakes one of the best Apple Pies on the planet.

Recently, MrMartha's Uncle documented the process on video, and Grandma has actually figured out her recipe (she always just "did it by feel" so was tough to get the actual ingredient quantities).

MrMartha hopes you will enjoy a visit with his Grandma, and even if you are scared of baking...try the pie won't regret it!! (click on the video box to get larger full format video)