Monday, August 17, 2009

MrMartha's MidCentury Kitchen.....AFTER

MrMartha apologizes for not being more proactive with blog updates the past couple weeks.....but now that things are moderating and settling in at the new house, posting should return to a more regular frequency! Thank you to all the followers who have been loyal during this content drought, and a special thank you to those who have sent emails of inquiry and encouragement..

A MidCentury home has a great amount of style and an unmatched quirkiness, no question there. But, when largely intact -- with many original fixtures and systems -- it can be a bit like peeling a proverbial project exposes problems that lead to three other projects! That is certainly what has happened here. Luckily, MrMartha does not shy away from projects

MrMartha is pleased to note that the main kitchen is now past the paint stage.
READ MORE to see additional photos of the kitchen and learn more about the transformation.

All of the cabinets and integral trim have been done in the same subtle 'Latte' tone, with the ceiling painted in a lighter version of the same color. Given all the variation in the tile colors, it seemed the better option to just paint all cabinets alike, even though it may have been more correct (from a period standpoint) to have used different colors in the upper and lower cabinetry.

It was a bit of an archeological expedition to discover many of the paint colors of this kitchen's previous incarnations evident on inside drawer edges and other nooks and crannies....everything from a dusky pink, to a rather shocking salmon tone, to a deep forest green, have all been part of this kitchen's past. MrMartha cannot quite fathom what it must have looked like in many of those past color schemes!

Hammerite metallic paint was used for details like switchplates and for the trim strip between the tile work and the lower cabinets, it ties the newer stainless steel appliances together with the more vintage aspects of the kitchen, and helps unify things nicely.

The turquoise color on the walls has worked out well, though it required a lot of mixing and remixing of paint on the fly to get the exact right tone. In the end, it had to be assertive enough to balance off the yellow backsplash tiles, but not so strong as to totally take over the space. MrMartha feels he found an excellent balance. Adding some wonderful old MidCentury 'school cafeteria' chairs in a deeper turquoise, and matching that with a very simple gingham valance over the sink window, have added a nice note of punch and counterpoint to the wall color. Next will be deciding what to hang on the walls, and decorative accessories.

One note about the wonderful chrome and resin chairs....they were a find on CraigsList, and ended up costing $15.00 per chair! They look perfect in the space, are both a great scale and quite comfortable, proving once again that it's possible to be both very frugal and very stylish!!