Monday, October 12, 2009

Fifty Lashes with a homemade, hand rolled, perfectly al dente cooked, Fettuccini Noodle

MrMartha was addicted to Dear Abby as a child -- back in the (shudder) sixties.

Dear, Dear Abby, such a profound influence at the time when every home got the evening newspaper, had three television channels, and simple practical advice still had some weight.

Abby used to have a phrase she used a lot -- anytime someone was willfully, or passively, neglectful of another. "Fifty Lashes With a Wet Noodle", she would say....

Well, MrMartha has been somewhat sadly neglectful of this blog the past few weeks, so MrMartha hereby submits to fifty lashes with a homemade, hand rolled, perfectly al dente cooked, Fettuccini Noodle, and hereby promises to do better.

It has been a real whirlwind the past couple months settling into the new home (aka CASA MIDCENTURIA), after a decisive (meaning quick, oh so very quick) decision to depart a previous residence of sixteen years.....but MrMartha has been carefully documenting the process and progress, as well as canning projects, and amassing lots of other great stuff, design solutions, and downright super it is time to get it all put together, and share it with those brave souls who follow MrMartha's journey....

Now that MrMartha is back, don't be a stranger.

Ominous fact for the day: The holidays are just around the corner ......(wait, who said that?)
Let MrMartha help you through them.