Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Conception Classique de Mode de la Semaine

La Belle Mariee

And what a beautiful bride she is.

Another of MrMartha's collection of vintage fashion illustrations, this time a somewhat austere, but most elegant, bridal gown.

While most 50's wedding dresses tend to be thought of as giant ball gown meringues, dripping with lace and full of fussy details, this wonderful exception to the rule is in a class all by itself!

Incredibly simple, with high neckline and three quarter fitted sleeves, the detail and interest coming from gathers along the bodice seams down through the hips, and the attached train at the hips. One can imagine the gown made in heavy satin, or other ultra luxe but simple fabric. While the illustration shows only a small wrapped pillbox cap, it is easy to picture a long luxurious cloud of fine tulle trailing as a veil.

One other interesting note, the bridal bouquet, showing the then current fashion of large sprays of flowers tied with wide satin bows, a wonderful contrast against the simplicity of the gown.