Monday, June 22, 2009

Laura Petrie would LOVE both of them.....

MrMartha just survived a whirlwind several days of preparing for, and hosting, a Moving Sale last weekend... YIKES!! More about that little 'Comedy of Errors' to follow soon.

MrMartha does want to share with you -- two of the bathrooms in the new house... "new" -- as the photos will confirm -- being a relative term.

MrMartha is going to have a lot of fun transforming these spaces -- with just the most basic paint and ingenuity... as they say: a lot of paint and a little ingenuity will take you far (or is it the other way around?).

What the baths lack in the most current level of modern convenience -- like deep multiple sinks, and a large separate shower stall with multiple showerheads (Shower in the current house: MrMartha will miss you most of all !!) -- they more than make up for in functional charm.

How will this end up? Keep checking back.....MrMartha isn's quite sure, and Laura Petrie, if she knows, is keeping quiet for the time being....she just doesn't want anyone getting their big toe stuck in the bath faucet.

Read More for a pic of the second bath, and more of MrMartha's thoughts....

MrMartha will be following his own advice from the "Million Dollar Bathroom" post a few weeks ago....and will of course be sharing the completed results here......this is just a little BEFORE preview.....who says things were dull in the 50's?

Laura Petrie would feel right at home in either of these Mid Century Spas -- the epitomy in their era, of both ease (the abundance of tile), and elegance (the fashion forward -- for the time -- colors). But, the question is, how to keep the integrity of the period, and still drag them carefully forward towards the present day --

MrMartha has a rotating color wheel of paint chips clicking through his brain right now, for both baths.....deepest burgundy? the exact same blue of the fixtures? (probably not -- reinforcing the pink and baby blue theme would make that bath seem like a very sterile nursery!), taupey gray? the same Tiffany-ish blue as the bath in the current house? (MrMartha does love that color, and the pink/oxblood tile combination is exactly the same as the current house) .....or, as they would say in Monty Python --"and now, for something completely different".
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