Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thoroughly (Mid Century) Modern MrMartha

MrMartha apologizes in advance that his postings will be a bit erratic over the next couple weeks --
MrMartha is relocating to a FABULOUS Mid Century Modern 1950s home, and that will limit ability to keep up the daily posting that MrMartha tries to maintain.

MrMartha has loved his current home, but is running out of new projects -- both with interiors and in the garden. So, difficult as it will be to say goodbye, the exciting new challenges of:
Decorating the fresh spaces,
Rehabilitating wonderful period details in the home,
Planning and realizing a revitalized garden (from a somewhat currently neglected and tired yard),
will soon be filling MrMartha's project book to capacity.

It will be wonderful to share all of that with the readers of MrMartha's blog... along with the Great Food, Style, and other content and tips you have come to expect from MrMartha...
please bear with MrMartha during this short transition period, and the future will be amazing.

MrMartha will be back to full speed quickly, with tons of new posts -
packed with ideas and suggestions.
Plus, of course, awesome recipes and entertaining ideas -- brought to you from MrMartha's TWO new KITCHENS -- yes, the new house has two kitchens, so MrMartha will have one for everyday cooking, and a second dedicated to entertaining and producing blog posts......how exciting is that? MrMartha is THRILLED!

PLEASE KEEP CHECKING BACK, you never know just what you will find on MrMartha.com --but it will always be interesting, useful, fun, and with MrMartha's definite point of view!