Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Take TEN Minutes and....

Change Three Light Bulbs

It's Earth Week, and heaven knows MrMartha does try to be green -- and not just with envy at someone else's pastry dough...

MrMartha believe's that a pattern of small behavior changes, over time, is the best way to go. One thing you can do this week is very simple -- change a few older incandescent bulbs for new CFL's -- Compact Fluorescent Lamps.

Many are not big fans of this innovation -- the bulbs are bulky, the light does not seem as nice as that from old style bulbs, the 'dimmable' versions can 'buzz' and still seem to have a ways to go before they work really well.

Like MrMartha, you have probably 'done the right thing' and already purchased a number of these bulbs, then left them sitting in a utility room cabinet uninstalled.

The key to utilizing them successfully is to install them where they will do the most good as lighting and cause the least impact on ambiance. All outdoor fixtures, porch lights, etc, are prime candidates. So are areas where you need good bright working light, such as the laundry area and garage. Hallways that are not set on dimmers can also be good locations. And.....don't forget about closets.

MrMartha does see the technology continuing to improve, and the selection of different types of CFL's broadening. Which is a good thing, as we have to face that soon those will be the only types of bulbs available, so it is best to start the process now. It's also good for the planet, and for your electric bill -- they do save on average 75% of energy use over standard bulbs, and are supposed to last many times longer. Learn more about CFL facts and information HERE.

So, take ten minutes and change three (or more) old incandescent lightbulbs to CFL's....it's a good start, and you will feel great about being just a little bit greener.