Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Indulgent Easter Eggs

Ready for a little creativity and craftiness? Easter is a great occasion to embellish -- by adding some frivolous little fancies. Eggs have been traditional for centuries in springtime celebrations, and there are so many wonderful ways to incorporate them into your holiday decor.

Take a little break from the world, get out your 'craft box' and see what treasured scraps of ribbon and lace, pearls and trim, and little bits and pieces can be crafted into exquisite blown egg fantasies.

Read More has Lots of different ideas and HOW TO -- from quick to complex......
If you cant find time to have some crafty fun before this coming Easter, save the idea for next year, and get them made in advance on a dreary February afternoon!


To blow Eggshells:
Warm to room temperature, poke a small ring of punctures, using the tip of a corsage pin or sharp needle, at top and bottom of shell. Carefully open 1/8" hole at each end of the egg. Use a small skewer to puncture the yolk inside, and blow carefully to expel the contents (Then make scrambled eggs or a Quiche!) Submerge the blown eggs in soapy water, shake to clean the interior, and then blow the liquid back out and allow to dry for a couple of days.

If you have any breakage, crush the shells into fine uniform pieces, set aside and save.

For the "Shadow box" decorated eggs:
To open a window to the interior of the egg, mark a basic guideline onto the shell with pencil, prick around the perimeter with the pin, and carefully cut out with manicure scissors. Patience and care are your greatest allies in this process.

Then using hot or craft glue (or a combination depending on what material you are affixing) attach laces, trims, sequins, beads, and tiny flowers to the exterior. Add miniature items in the interior of the egg shell (themed sets are easily found at the craft store).

If you would like a textured exterior on the shell, coat the shell with thinned white glue, roll in the crushed eggshells, and allow to dry overnight before you start trimming.

Even easier....purchase plastic, plaster, or bisque eggs at the craft store and just trim the exteriors.

Or, do some simple Decoupage on the egg exterior:

Use small images, drawings, or clip art on lightweight paper, cut out and test fit. Make some small clips into the image as required to allow it to fit smoothly to the eggs contour. Paint thinned glue onto the shell, affix the artwork, and coat with more glue, allow to dry, Add a coat of spray varnish if desired. Trim with ribbons, small silk flowers, or whatever looks cute.

Or, get out the paints:

Use watercolor or acrylic paints and tiny brushes to paint simple floral or other spring designs on the exterior of the egg. Spray with matte varnish or shiny lacquer to protect the painting. Tie the perimeter of the egg with narrow satin ribbon and a bow, to cover the holes in the egg.

Even easier....use assorted felt tip colored markers to put the design on the eggs, spray varnish not required, but still gives them a more finished look.

It doesn't take a lot of artistic ability, just trust your intuition, and do things as simply or as elaborately as you desire, and your time allows. Then display your creations (napkin rings work wonderfully as stands), tuck into a special Easter basket, or take along to surprise a hostess!