Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring is peeking out in MrMartha's garden

MrMartha notes -- that after a particularly nasty winter, and even some late snowfall a week ago, that spring is finally arriving in MrMartha's garden, and starting to put on the mantle of summer glory.

There are few things more beautiful than that yearly awakening of the garden, as the seemingly tender blooms of bulbs, trees, and flowering shrubs brave the chill that is often still prevalent in the air and show a remarkable resilience in their need to break dormancy and come alive.

Forsythia is always a favorite here, with its sunny yellow blooms. Usually a St Patrick's day flower, it is late due to our harsh winter. One pretty edge of MrMartha's garden shows the catkins of Contorted Filbert (aka Harry Lauders Walking Stick), the vigorous red growth of a large mature Queen Elizabeth Grandiflora Rose, and the cascading blossoms of Pieris Japonica (Andromeda). MrMartha has started some bare root cuttings from the Forsythia, and is nursing those along.

Across the Garden -- a 14 year old Evergreen Clematis Vine, wraps its tendrils around a fence trellis hybrid structure. The glossy leaves and multitude of waxy white flowers looking surprisingly tropical given its surroundings. This Clematis can bloom as early as the third week in March, so it is also making a rather late debut this year.--