Sunday, November 1, 2009

Baking Incredible Holiday Cookies... without losing your mind....Just Dough It

Is it the same for you every holiday wish you had baked some awesome cookies, but you just didn't get around to it?
How nice it would be to take a lovely tray of indulgent delights into the office, or effortlessly produce a plate of flawless little confections when a friend stops for a cup of coffee. (or a demitasse of espresso as the case may be.)

Are you that person who never quite gets around to that concentrated flurry of baking....despite all your good intentions?
Well, Are You?

It's ok, MrMartha understands, and would like to provide some simple you CAN be that other person -- who does bake!

MrMartha has a rather checkered, if proud, history of baking nearly 1000 cookies each holiday season...and not just any cookies mind you, but artful little tidbits -- that always inspire a careful once over with the eyes, before being popped into the mouth. MrMartha doesn't expect you to bake 1000 cookies....well not this year anyway....

But truth be told, it will be very simple for you to have 4 or 5 varieties of very nice cookies on hand through the holiday season, and they ship beautifully --MrMartha packs and ships plates of cookies perfectly all over the country, and the recipients are just thrilled. Plus, it's always so nice to give or share something that we have put ourselves into.

MrMartha will be posting favorite cookie dough recipes a couple times a week through the holidays.

Take one or two nights a week, and give yourself a half hour after dinner to put together a batch or two of dough, portion it, and then get it into the freezer.

Pick a Saturday or Sunday a week or two before Christmas, or take one of those vacation days you still need to use, invite a friend over to assist, and bake all of your premade doughs production line style. Separation between the dough prep and the baking makes the whole process so SO much simpler and easier....and is certainly time saving as well as sanity saving.

Get your basic supplies on hand....
Grocery stores will be having pre thanksgiving sales on most baking staples, so make sure you have at least 10 lbs of Flour and Sugar, Several pounds of butter (MrMartha does prefer to bake with real butter...not just for flavor, but for texture -- but you can always use have butter and half good margarine or high quality shortening.)
Get some good Vanilla, and make sure Baking Powder and Soda, are in stock.
Watch for Chocolate (white and semisweet) Chips, and nuts on sale, and stock up when you see excellent prices. Its best not to skimp on the chocolate, but any of the good national brands work fine.
You may also want to have some Almond Extract, Raspberry Jam, Cocoa Power.

KEEP CHECKING BACK.....MrMartha will walk you through this and you will astound yourself!