Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tying the Second Knot -- Interim Updates --11 weeks out

Most of the broad aspects of the happy couple's wedding day (third week in May) are starting to take shape for our favorite bride to be. Big decisions have been made....and now it is time to start making decisions on more of the "fine tuning" details.

The photo shows a view of the restaurant where both the ceremony and reception will happen. MrMartha thinks the deep ochre walls will be a stunning contrast to the ivory of the brides gown, and will make carefully chosen flowers really pop.

MrMartha has suggested some of the art on the long wall be removed and replaced with large central focal point (perhaps a "wall corsage" of curly willow with floral accents). Whatever materials are used for that focal point will be restated as additional decorations attached to the beams above and also in the area where the actual ceremony will happen.

The goal is not to transform the restaurant, but to enhance make a space that is very familiar to the wedding couple into something just a bit more memorable, and special, for their big day.

The restaurant itself is very informal, so MrMartha has suggested that the bride may want to select and provide her own choice of table linens and napkins to make the space a bit more formal for the event.

The tables are smallish, which means there is no need for large centerpieces, and whatever the overall floral decorations will be, they will likely be limited to one or two different types of blooms, in a monotone palette, but used en masse.

ReadMore for the current status of details and decisions about: The Bride and her attendents, the invitations, and the venue.

The bride and her attendants:
As noted in the previous post, the bride has chosen her dress and is selecting accessories that will match and complement her choice -- whether to wear some sort of headpiece, gloves, etc.

The bride has decided not to have designated attendants, as far as maid or matron of honor, etc. The groom to be's young grand daughter may be designated an informal flowergirl.

At first, the bride was unsure about whether to ask her father to walk her down the aisle, whether that might seen too archaic -- MrMartha advised that it would be both perfectly appropriate and absolutely charming -- so the current plan will be for the bride to be escorted about half way by both her father, and her stepmother, and then she will walk the rest of the way on her own. MrMartha thinks there is a lovely symbolism there, including the family members, and her own independence. Nobody, however, will be 'giving the bride away'.

The Invitations:
The bride and groom have already utilized the ubiquitous Evite to send out a 'Save the Date' message to their wedding guests.

While sending out the actual invites to the ceremony and reception by email would be HIGHLY FROWNED UPON by MrMartha, it is a perfectly acceptable way to give the guests a little advance notice.

The couple is still making final decisions on the wording and the style of the invitations....but will need to finalize that within a week, to get them ordered, then have time to get them addressed without rushing, in order to get them into the mail sometime between Easter and TaxDay.

The Venue:
As noted above, a favorite restaurant of the nuptial couple has been engaged for the event. The ceremony will happen in the very late afternoon/early evening, with a cocktail buffet reception following.

The restaurant has a definite and somewhat quirky look -- with a strong personality in the decor.
Choosing an established restaurant versus a more neutral space -- like a hall or hotel banquet room -- has both benefits and limitations. It is easier to put an imprint on a more generic space, but there are definitely ways to personalize an established restaurant space.

MrMartha is currently helping the bride determine how to do just that....what the layout should be for both the ceremony and the reception...where in the space the ceremony should happen, etc. As well as decorations, flowers, and the rest of the big picture.

From there, still to be determined will be the smaller details like guestbook, favors, specific menu choices, cake.....(whew, MrMartha is getting a bit lightheaded just typing all that....but it will all come together and happen beautifully!