Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tying the Second Knot...planning update: The Bride's Gown

MrMartha has been working with the bride to be -- regarding the plans, choices, and logistics for her upcoming nuptials, many aspects are starting to take shape.

The location and date have now been determined. The ceremony and the reception will be held at a charming small restaurant with a lot of built in charm, and the guest list will number around 60 or so.

We are currently planning the overall look and style of the event, including decorations, flowers and table considerations. Additional, smaller details -- like guest book, favors for guests, the brides accessories, attendants, and a myriad of other considerations, are being discussed as well. MrMartha will continue to update and report as decisions are made. Currently, the focus is on invitations, which need to be ordered soon, and sent out several weeks in advance of the ceremony.

The big news is, that the bride has selected her gown for the ceremony -- and it is just about as different as it possibly could be -- from what was worn at her first wedding in the mid eighties. The photo above shows how radiant a bride she was the first time around....while her posse of admirers were taking fashion cues from Miami Vice and the Preppy Handbook....(Don't fault MrMartha, who was a fan of bow ties at the time!)

What was an appropriate gown for a girl in her early twenties, getting married in a tiny country church, with a garden reception following, is worlds away from the sophisticated woman that she has become.

Read More to learn details about her new gown choice, and how the rest of the ceremony and reception will take their cues from the detailing on her gorgeous and fashion forward selection.

Spoiler Alert: If you know the bride, or expect to attend the wedding -- and want to be surprised by her gown, please dont expand this post! This means you, Mr Bridegroom.

The bride's first wedding gown actually managed to sidestep a lot of the excess of the "Dynasty" eighties. It was charming and relatively simple, compared to the huge lace and pearl encrusted meringues that dominated bridal fashions of the time, however, it still had a lot of details that were very much of the post "Princess Diana" era -- A fitted bodice with lace overlay, puffed sleeves, and a full skirt -- were all trends of the time.

Please note, to preserve the surprise of the bride's gown, the full length image shows a similar design, which caputures the feeling of the garment overall. The detail photo is from the actual gown.

Her new gown is a dramatic long sheath, with draping along the bodice at both the front and back, closely fitted through the mid section, and a narrow but not hobbled skirt, with a slight train at the back.
The ivory tone fabric has a lot of liquid movement, and will be perfect for a late afternoon ceremony and early evening reception.

The shoulder straps are net, heavily embroidered with crystals and pearls, which also runs along the bust peeking from under the draping.
There is a wonderful contrast between the simplicity of the gown overall, and the elaborate shoulder details.

The bride will not wear a traditional veil, but is considering a variety of 'low key' headpiece options. Her bouquet will likely be very simple and architectural -- again a big contrast to the bursting cushion of flowers that comprised her first bouquet.

The current discussion is to use the idea of the beaded detailing of the gown as a point of departure -- for the decorations and look of the ceremony, and also to restate the crystal and ivory theme in other aspects, like the corsages, boutonnieres, and table centerpieces.