Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tying The Second Knot....Planning the Encore Wedding

One of MrMartha's dearest friends of long standing will be getting married for the second time in about four months.....
(MrMartha didn't want to say she is one of his 'oldest' friends -- far from it)
Best Wishes (to the bride to be) and Congratulations (to the groom) are well in order.

MrMartha will be helping as an informal advisor to the process, and be posting regularly about the planning and preparation leading up to the big day. Anyone on the path to fresh nuptials can benefit greatly by following and learning from Bride Lesa's process.

Any wedding is always a big undertaking, even if it's to be a simple day overall. Knowledge is a key to success. Second weddings are often much different than first tastes and life experiences have likely changed in a bride since her first trip up the aisle. The next wedding is often smaller and simpler. Conversely, a second bride who eloped or had a small wedding the first time around, may elect the big event for her encore.

NOTE: (MrMartha has been informed that the preferred term for remarriage, of late, is 'Encore Weddings' -- however, MrMartha does not approve. Encores are usually hastily arranged and quite short in duration -- or may be a literal repeat of something which has already happened... none of those would bode well in a new marital future.)

In the coming weeks, we will examine Bride Lesa's choices regarding locations, food, cake, guest list, invitations, decorations, gown, and overall tone and theme of the event. MrMartha hopes to give the Bride some valuable guidance and suggestions, and will enjoy chronicling and sharing the process with you.
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