Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Take TEN Minutes and....

Always know where your keys are.

Most of us have a 'default' location for our keys, but often not a specific home for them. A suprising amout of effort is wasted over time when one doesnt know exactly where the keys are. It's also much handier if all your various and sundry keys are stored together, rather than scattered in different locations around the house.

It seems like a silly thing, but can make a real difference....so take ten minutes and a couple simple steps, and make it easier on yourself!

Three large cup hooks and a good location will solve the problem. Place the hooks where convenient, but slightly out of the way. As shown in the photo, the end of a bank of kitchen cabinets above the refrigerator works perfectly.

Could also be next to a doorway, inside a kitchen cabinet, or even on the refrigerator itself if you get strong magnets with self hooks. If you dont want to attach the hooks directly into your surface, use a small picture frame with a piece of painted wood as the insert, attach the hooks to that, and hang frame on the wall.